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Crown of Blooms 

Book one in a queer YA coming-of-age trilogy 

Available on Kindle/ Ebook March 30th

Available in paperback June 1st

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Ray Christian-Dickens


My name's Ray Christian-Dickens. I'm an author/ ghostwriter currently based in Boone NC. I graduated APP State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Cross-Media Expressions, as well as a double minor in Creative Writing and Philosophy. I'm primarily a fiction writer, working in long and short-form prose, screen and stageplay. I write primarily melodrama, queer romance and horror. I am also available to ghostwrite a variety of styles and genres. 

My debut novel, Crown of Blooms, will be available in Spring 2022. Please check out the Crown Series page for more info and how you can support this project. 


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