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Positions of Power

Queer Melodrama Novella

Published in the Scarlet Leaf Review 11/12/2019  

It's 1976. After a month apart, Leo and Danny meet at their local diner to reminisce over the hell that's been their five year relationship. 

Crown of Blooms 

Queer coming of age

Coming To Ebook/ Kindle March 30th and Paperback June 1st 

Kayden Moses has worked for 15 years to be a good pastor’s son. He’s volunteered at every Vacation Bible School, gone to every bible study, and tried to follow the example of his spiritually gifted twin sister, Delilah. However, all his diligent efforts are disrupted when he meets the biggest stumbling block of his life: Alex. He’s the new boy in youth group, bubbly and opinionated and dizzyingly nice to look at. Suddenly, Kayden finds himself caught in a spiral of confusion and asking questions he’s never asked before. Who is Kayden Moses? Because he’s certainly not a good pastor’s son anymore.

The Diva Cup Disaster 

Live Non-Fiction Story

Ray gets a call from a co-worker, not an intimate friend, who is freaking out because she has a diva cup stuck in her vagina. Ray pulls it out and feels proud.

Bring Gloves 

Non-Fiction Audio Drama 

One stubborn, little DivaCup is all that stands in the way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of queerness. Ray Christian-Dickens tells their story of breaking free of the Bible Belt.
This story contains sexual situations and references to homophobia, please take care while listening.