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"The Fall"

6 years before The Fall
“D. Just D.”
D was determined to forget her old name, though she knew it would take time. It had only been a week (maybe more, maybe less as she’d been drinking, swallowing and smoking whatever she could get her hands on) since she’d been called by that name, since she’d escaped from Chicago to Atlanta and abandoned the previous 16 years of her life...


"God is Good"

"You're too ugly to escape." 
Those were the last words Mama spoke to her eldest daughter, Clementine, the night she left the family with her suitcase in hand. The stench of whiskey stuck to the high-yellow skin and soft, curly hair that she hadn't blessed her daughter with. The Ellington family had hit a fork in the road marked by the death of Mama's Daddy who left to his living children a plot of land deep in the Appalachian mountains...


"In The Woods Somewhere" 

Terror was the only thing he was aware of as he rose up out of black nothingness. It raged inside of him until it lurched him from unconsciousness and his body spasmed in a pathetic expression of fight or flight. Suddenly, he was aware of his body, or at least the shape outlined and filled by pain, bone-deep agony that settled in his chest, burned and sent angry bolts of pain through his body with every breath...

Non-Fiction Journalism

"Noble Soul"

It’s just past three at Noble Kava Boone, a spacious lounge nestled under an apartment complex, next to a vape shop, just a ten minute walk from Appalachian State University's campus. Despite the low lighting, the place is bright with sunlight filtered in from the floor to ceiling windows. The walls are decorated with souvenirs from the pacific islands, masks, small statues, an ancient weapon used to pop the heads off of enemies during battle.

Literary Fiction

"This World and That"

I had reached a fork in the road of my life. My destiny was split in two and hinged on a matter of fate. Either I would be given what I wanted or sent head first into a destiny far greater than I was prepared for. If my premonition of the other worldliness inside me, tightly wound coils of magic waiting to be released and spring out from inside me were true, then I could leave this place. This house had secrets in its walls. I wiggled my bare toes against the hardwood floor of my room. I took in a breath and paused...

Short Stories: List
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